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Introduction to the Numbered Map of Japan’s Prefectures

Japan, an island nation located in East Asia, is divided into 47 prefectures, each with its own unique cultural, economic, and geographical characteristics. A numbered map of Japan’s prefectures helps both residents and visitors easily identify locations and understand the administrative structure of the country.

Administrative Structure

Japan’s 47 prefectures are categorized as follows:

  • 1 “to” (Tokyo Metropolis)
  • 1 “dō” (Hokkaido)
  • 2 “fu” (Osaka and Kyoto Prefectures)
  • 43 “ken” (Prefectures)

Numbered Prefectures

Each prefecture is numbered from 1 to 47, often following a geographical or alphabetical order. Here are some key prefectures:

  1. Hokkaido (北海道): The largest island and northernmost prefecture of Japan.
  2. Aomori (青森県): Located at the northern tip of Honshu.
  3. Iwate (岩手県): Situated in the northeast of Honshu.
  4. Miyagi (宮城県): Home to the famous city of Sendai.
  5. Akita (秋田県): Known for the Kanto Matsuri festival.
  6. Yamagata (山形県): Famous for its beautiful mountainous landscapes.
  7. Fukushima (福島県): Located in the Tohoku region.

Following this order, the remaining prefectures are sequentially numbered, making it easy to locate and reference each one.

Roles of the Numbered Map

  • Education: Helps students and learners easily memorize the locations and names of the prefectures.
  • Tourism: Assists tourists in identifying and planning their trips.
  • Administrative Management: Facilitates regional division and governance by administrative bodies.

Notable Prefectures

  • Tokyo (東京都, Prefecture No. 13): The capital and political, economic center of Japan.
  • Osaka (大阪府, Prefecture No. 27): Japan’s second-largest economic hub.
  • Kyoto (京都府, Prefecture No. 26): Renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance.
Bản đồ Nhật Bản 47 tỉnh và thành phố đánh số dễ tra (khổ dọc)
Bản đồ Nhật Bản 47 tỉnh và thành phố đánh số dễ tra (khổ dọc)

The numbered map of Japan’s prefectures is not only a useful tool for education and administrative management but also an essential means for discovering and understanding the diversity and richness of the country. By numbering each prefecture, the map facilitates easy reference and learning, fostering a deeper comprehension of Japan’s geography and culture.